Seniors on early decision

Scott Olvera, Staff Writer

Most college applications are closed and here comes the long waiting period to see who gets into their dream schools. For some, the suspense is worse because they have applied under early decision programs. Early decision usually means that if accepted, the applicant must attend that college.

A few seniors discussed their opinions on early decision. Senior Bryce Moerbeck states, “Early decision is good if you know what you want to do and what school is your top choice. Otherwise no.”

Meanwhile, another senior Alex Yamada says, “If you have a school you’re set on, go for it.”

Both students agree that if you are not entirely sure about a college, then you should not apply E.D. for it. Do not apply for it if you have uncertainty or any doubts.

What would happen if you get accepted but no longer want to attend? An extreme measure the school can take is blacklist you. This means that they will contact your guidance counselor to let them know that you have rejected all of your other schools, leaving you only the early decision school. Some may also sue you for breaking the bind that you agreed on. It can have very negative effects on you, so you must be sure that the school you are applying to is the one for you.

For all those seniors who are waiting to hear if they got accepted, good luck!