The resurrection of Blue Pearl

Paul Shin, Staff Writer

Although there are three school dances hosted by Leadership, there is a fourth dance that is not. Blue Pearl, which is hosted by the DVHS Music Program, will take place on January 24 and will include live music by Jazz Band and non-alcoholic, hand-mixed drinks.

The theme of Blue Pearl is a New Orleans jazz club. Even though the Music Program is hosting the event, it is not limited to only music students; all students are invited to participate in this event.

“Of course you should go. One, it’s after SAT and Finals. It’s more of a place to be with your friends and to have drinks and to listen to some live performances, and I think the, like, main reason you should go is that you see all these students perform and you get to see an aspect of the school that you might not have seen before,” Senior Ryan Lau, the head of music committee, states.

Senior Alex Yamada is in charge of overseeing the entire dance. “It’s a really great fundraiser for Music Boosters, but on top of that it’s unique because the style is unlike all of the other school dances. Blue Pearl has a classy feel and we have specialized drinks, which is something that none of the other dances have. We’re kicking up our decorations and music this year,” Yamada proclaims.

Harry Yoon, the head of the drinks committee, stated, “Last year, it was a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to how its going to be this year. This dance is perfect for everyone, really. Even those who are socially awkward. Even those who don’t affiliate themselves with band. They’ll all have fun …”

Band Director Ms. Musiel reflected on how Blue Pearl first started, saying, “Really, some band students that graduated took the idea from a different high school and one, they wanted to have a fun, interesting different kind of dance, and two, they wanted it to be a successful fundraiser for music. I denied them the first year, but they spent the whole summer developing the idea and proposed it to Music Boosters … Students really got into this and they really wanted to join band council to help with the dance … I think this is a real-world event, this is really what they are going to do at some point: to plan an event.”

This is a completely student-run dance.

“More people creates more ideas,” Lau agrees, “That’s what makes this dance so special is because, like, it’s entirely student-run, so it’s a little revolutionary since it goes against the typical pop genre associated with a high school dance.”

Junior Dorothea Cheung adds on, “It’s going to have more of a classy feel to it … It’s not a dance like homecoming or prom. It’s a lot cheaper and you’ll be experiencing quality music—live jazz music. It’s more of a socializing dance rather than a formal dance, so people won’t be obligated to get a date.”

The committee also recommends their small but unique range of drinks.

“I’m a fan of Sweet Dawn ‘cause its pretty,” Musiel commented.

“If you like pina colada, try Blue Seas,” Yamada suggested. “If you like more of a fruity drink, you should try the Sweet Dawn. And they look pretty.”

The other two drink options are the Roy Rogers and the Shirley Temple.

Tickets will be sold at the bookkeeper’s office on January 12 and will cost $15 with a drink pass, which offers 3 drinks for the price of $5, and $10 for admission without a drink pass. Drinks are all specially mixed, each costing $2 per cup.