Most Outrageous reasons why students didn’t turn in their homework

Alli Montag, Staff Writer

We’ve all done it. Accidentally forgetting something was due, or just simply preferring to get a little more sleep that evening rather than staying up the extra thirty minutes in order to finish a math assignment. Unintentionally or intentionally, we’ve done it. With that being said, this leads us to our next point: coming up with a valid excuse that is somewhat believable. Throughout Dougherty Valley, many students are slumped with after-school activities, work, AP assignments, or just plain daily homework assignments. Students often find themselves overwhelmed.

Most commonly used is the typical “my dog ate my homework” or “I accidentally forgot it in my car” excuse, at least once or twice. And sure the car excuse is pretty logical, but as for the whole dog excuse, we and our teachers both know that’s a load.

Here at DV, we have hundreds of assignments a year and our dedicated teachers make it a point to always be available and supportive to us, but what happens when we’re one too many outrageously unbelievable excuses too deep?

Senior Aadi Gaur finds himself to be a hardworking student these days after he started running out of excuses in middle school. He said, “It’s shaped me up for high school”. His excuses ended after the last troubling one he made. “Once, I told my teacher that my parents were divorced and that my homework was at the other parent’s house. My teacher totally believed it but afterwards I found myself rather guilty.”

Junior Collin Vaughn finds himself on Google quite often, searching for new, more believable excuses. Sadly, his latest excuse caused his last homework assignment to be placed in the zero category. “I told my teacher I just simply couldn’t do my homework because I was in the music studio trying to count all my millions and my homework didn’t even come to mind. I also figured my teacher would believe me due to the fact that I have multiple subscribers on my Youtube channel.”

Whether it be good, bad, believable or unbelievable, excuses are just time-consuming. The time being put into making up a valid excuse could easily have been better time spent getting your homework done. It’s a much more rewarding feeling rather than having the stress of doing the now missing assignment that you’ll receive partial credit on later.