Christine Baranski makes ‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square’ Work



Dolly Parton starring as the angel in the 2020 Netflix film ‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square’

With the Holiday season among us and the newest stay-at-home order issued by the state; many are turning to new alternatives to stay entertained during these times. A great way is to pick up some Christmas movies to watch with the whole family! A great addition to this list would be the recently released “Christmas On the Square” On Netflix. It is important to note, although this movie is for the family, it does carry some emotionally driven topics; such as the loss of a family member. 

All of the actors did a phenomenal job with their performance in the roles they had to do.

This story does not start off with the regular Christmas cliches of the bells jingling in a perfect suburban neighborhood with moderate snow, but rather Dolly Parton starting off homeless with rags, shaking her box in front of people in order to get money. Soon making the whole town singing ‘Christmas on the Town’, a song frequently sung in the movie. Unfortunately, the story takes a turn on its own death occurs of the father of Regina Fuller, leading to an eviction. Regina makes many stops in the small town such as the fertility clinic, with having a love interest with one of the general store owners making this story a cliche for the heart and seems to be one of the movies every Hallmark movie is. 

The Story continues to be a cliche, with much of the romance lingering in the air. What is a Christmas movie without the stereotypical romances?

All of the actors did a phenomenal job with their performance in the roles they had to do. Christine Baranski plays the perfect role of a stuck-up woman who wants nothing to do with the town and then slowly emerges to have the experience of Christmas,  Josh Segarra does a good job in his Pastor role as he is not the most serious but gets the role across. Hailey Rose Walsh did a phenomenal job, as young Regina being said this is her first film. Many Greys Anatomy fans will be happy to see Jeanine Mason (Dr. Sam Bello) as Felicity Sorenson, Regina’s Assistant. There are many more actors, however, these I feel were the “make or break” for the stories. The actors have lines that are clean and don’t contain any foul language. 

The Songs are okay, but not the most thrilling, songs that you see in every year Christmas movies. The preppy holiday music has a bit of a countryside twist to it. Listening to the songs on their own? Maybe you might want to stick to “Jingle Bell Rock” and the other classics, however, it ties in perfectly in the movie, and you won’t want to skip them. 

Overall this seems to be a pretty lighthearted movie that the whole family could watch for the holiday season, it is more so to be a one time watch kind of movie. If you want movies you can watch every day, I suggest you stick to the classics like “Polar Express” “Elf”’ etc.