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The fierce Netflix show “Pose” is as daring and boiling with drama as it is mindful

Pose takes massive steps to showcase diversity in mainstream media

Thyra Beckley, Staff Writer

October 12, 2020

“The category is live, work, pose” is the iconic phrase that the main character, Pray Tell (Billy Porter) says in the exuberant and bold show Pose. The show Pose takes place in 1980s New York City where ballroom culture represents the Black, Hispanic, gay and transgender community. The pose director, produce...

Netflix’s “Immigration Nation” brings the horrors of American immigration to screen

Netflix's latest docu-series highlights the tragic horrors of immigrant lives with respect to their treatment by ICE

Aditi Praveen, Web Features Manager

October 8, 2020

“The American Dream” has been a long-standing idea that’s defined our nation, the idea that if you’re escaping religious persecution, seeking safety, or trying to create a better life for yourself, America is the place to do that. The country of immigrants. However, if there’s anything that Netflix...

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