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Hear from Another World: Ali Turanalp adopts English to advance ahead

Former Wildcat and current Cal High junior Ali Turanalp discusses Islam and education from the perspective of his identity as a Turkish immigrant.

Daniel Shen and Sraavya Sambara

November 17, 2018

In August 2017, Ali Turanalp set foot on Californian soil for the first time. 14 hours earlier, he had left Turkey — the nation in which he had spent almost his entire life — with his younger twin brothers and parents on an airplane destined for San Francisco. It was a risk to leave his home and country ...

Artists of DV: Vineep Brar

Artists of DV: Vineep Brar

Anika Garg, Features Editor

November 2, 2018

Senior Vineep Brar is a self-taught cartoonist who has overcome adversity while developing his unique style. Brar has been part of the DV art program for several years now. He is currently in AP Studio Art, having completed Art 2 and Art 3 at DV as well. “[The art program is] a really great ...

James Selover “fires up” his passion for life

Battalion Chief James Selover has earned his position through years of firefighting practice.

Steven Deng and Ronit Kumar

October 29, 2018

San Ramon Valley Fire Department Battalion Chief James Selover had not always wanted to be a firefighter. In fact, until he was 18 years old, he wanted to own an automobile body shop and paint cars. Inspired by a friend taking firefighting classes, however, Selover joined the Hayward Explorer pro...

Paul Vega powers performing arts program

Paul Vega finds joy in teaching his drama students year after year.

Megan Dhillon, Public Relations Manager

October 20, 2018

The lights dim in the theater, the plush velvet curtains open and the show begins. The silent creator behind each of the beautiful productions here at DVHS, Mr. Paul Vega has been involved in theater arts since he was 11 years old. However, he has played more roles than just the passionate teacher he ...

New school psychologist Monica Fuller helps Dougherty Valley students to get back on their feet

New school psychologist Monica Fuller helps Dougherty Valley students to get back on their feet

Teju Anand, Assistant Photography Editor

October 18, 2018

There are an innumerable number of students of all grades at Dougherty Valley High School that have learning disabilities, low self-esteem and difficulty in communicating with peers and teachers. Many also struggle with depression and anxiety. This is Mrs. Monica Fuller’s seventh year as a psychologist. A...

Assistant Principal Charlie Litten leaps into Dougherty with a plan

Assistant Principal Charlie Litten leaps into Dougherty with a plan

Sraavya Sambara and Kavin Kumaravel

October 12, 2018

Assistant Principal Charlie Litten welcomes the challenge of his new job and looks for unique ways to nurture the success of Dougherty students with his extensive experience teaching mindfulness. Prior to arriving at Dougherty, Litten worked as a resource specialist for 17 years at Foothill Middle...

Artists of DV: Enya Pan

Artists of DV: Enya Pan

Anika Garg, Features Editor

October 11, 2018

Enya Pan, a junior at DVHS, is an up-and-coming artist who’s overcome adversity to become an accomplished and developed artist. Pan describes her style as “very simple line strokes in ink pen,” which had been heavily influenced by her experience being cyberbullied through her art account on Instag...

Assistant Principal Sarah Landry looks to make a difference at Dougherty

Assistant Principal Sarah Landry looks to make a difference at Dougherty

Kavin Kumaravel and Sraavya Sambara

October 2, 2018

Assistant Principal Sarah Landry flashes us a bright smile through the window of her office while simultaneously conversing with a teacher and answering a phone call. After two phone calls and a couple of apologetic smiles, Landry turns to us, presses her elbows on the desk and tells us that she’s ...

Wildcats gain a new football coach

Wildcats gain a new football coach

Caroline Lobel and Harshita Neralla

September 27, 2018

It’s a new football season, and with it comes a new coach, Brandon Black. As Black enters his 16th year of football coaching this season, he reflects on his recent years and his excitement for this coming season. Despite his position as a defensive coordinator at Dublin High, Black was glad to ...

Hear from Another World: For Patricia, an American Dream slowly deteriorating

A first-generation immigrant from Indonesia, Dougherty Valley junior Patricia Angelica faces a hidden myriad of social and financial troubles.

Daniel Shen, Editor-in-Chief

September 15, 2018

If you glanced at her as she strode down the hallway or saw her laughing with her friends, she might just seem like the average San Ramon teenager. Her black hair is tied back in a ponytail. She cradles two textbooks in her left arm. Her T-shirt reads “The Pride,” printed in a Dougherty blue. ...

Practicing plogging paves path to a prettier planet

Amanda Su, Editor-in-Chief

April 28, 2018

When I first yelled “Hey Jonathan! Do you plog?” to DVHS senior Jonathan Chen one day in our Government class, he paused for five seconds, before yelling back—“What?” Plogging is an exercise activity that combines jogging and the picking up of litter. It began as an organized activity in...

Racquetball player Nikita Chauhan “serves” success on the court

Nikita Chauhan defeats Kaitlyn Boyle in a tie-breaker at the 2018 National High School Racquetball Tournament in Portland, Oregon, advancing to the finals.

Amanda Su, Editor-in-Chief

April 17, 2018

Making waves as a young athlete in a sport not often recognized, Dougherty Valley High School junior Nikita Chauhan, a Team USA racquetball player, dominates daily on the racquetball court.

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