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The progressive strategy suppresses results

Sanjana Ranganathan, Opinions Editor

April 16, 2019

President Trump’s average approval ratings have plummeted since his election, standing at just 40 percent, according to Project Fivethirtyeight, with numerous polls pegging the number even lower. The Robert Mueller investigation, controversial tweets, anti-immigrant rhetoric and the barrage of accus...

Political correctness makes our politics incorrect

We step back and ask: is the increasingly widespread emphasis on political correctness ... correct?

Sarah Kim, Features Editor

April 9, 2019

Political correctness. It likes to pop up every so often on the Internet, social media or the real world. Just when it slips your mind, it sparks at the slightest conflict on social media and sets the internet ablaze with controversy. Although political correctness is supposed to promote inclusion,...

Higher education institutions should offer esports scholarships

The universe of esports mirrors that of popular physical sports; in both there are competition, prize money and a large fanbase. However, the key element of esports scholarships remains largely overlooked by higher education institutions, inhibiting the growth of this sector of spectator sports.

Zach Woo, Staff Writer

April 6, 2019

Since the 1970s, students all over America are awarded athletic scholarships for excelling sports and academic scholarships for excelling in academia. The best these scholarships often pay for a part of, or even all of, students’ college tuition. Athletic scholarships, in particular, help student-ath...

Saying “hypermasculinity” reinforces gender roles

Riya Bindlish, Features Editor

April 3, 2019

The term “hypermasculinity” is unprogressive. We say it before really analyzing its implications. When I discuss hypermasculinity, the terms I hear most often are “aggressive,” “dominant” and “privileged.” However, it is not these traits, nor any traits, that make someone hypermasculi...

Destigmatizing the period: the pink tax

Sanjana Ranganathan, Opinions Editor

April 2, 2019

In 2015, President Trump commented on Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, referring to menstruation, to CNN’s Don Lemon, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.” Rhetoric like this further stigmatizes menstruation, causing the issues that come with it...

Soldier solidarity drives Israeli abuse of Palestinians

From Ferguson to Jerusalem, innocent people cry

Kavin Kumaravel and Vikram Balasubramanian

March 27, 2019

American politics is divisive and polarized, but you don’t need us to tell you that. It’s perplexing then to see numerous politicians, even supposed progressives, show undying support for Israel. Elizabeth Warren, justifying her vote to increase defense spending in Israel, stated that civilian ...

We should all be organ donors to save lives

3 facts about organ donation

Sana Shehabi, Staff Writer

March 25, 2019

Every hour, one person dies. Not because of an accident, injury or even old age, but because they were unable to receive a vital organ to save their life. Tad Suwa, a man from Sacramento, CA, has battled kidney disease for the past 15 years, waiting for someone to donate a kidney to him. Each hou...

Get cultured

We often take our heritage for granted, but there's always more to culture than our familial childhood experiences.

Timothy Lee, Staff Writer

March 21, 2019

It's a holiday. You sit quietly at a dining table, back slouched, eyes down, silent and uncomfortable while your parents’ friends and family, many of whom have appearances eminently similar to yours, talk and laugh in a language you barely understand. You try to prepare yourself but are still caught o...

Opening up about sexual harassment closes stereotypes

Stigmas silence sexual harassment victims — and conversation is the key to breaking them.

Caroline Lobel, Editor in Chief

March 10, 2019

Sexual harassment — it’s a term you’ve most likely heard and/or seen sprawled across the media. Although some victims earn justice, negative stereotypes such as victim blaming still surround those who have been affected by sexual harassment. We need to advocate for more people to come forward abo...

Participation grades eliminate student interest

While academically inclusive in theory, in reality, participation grades detract from the value of education.

Michael Han, News Editor

March 5, 2019

Assigning a grade to participation compels students to meet a certain quota of participation points rather than to develop a genuine interest or passion towards the subject. While there is no doubt that participation grades can encourage participation, they also lead to a multitude of deleterious effe...

Google Home Mini: beneficial or harmful?

Google Home Mini: beneficial or harmful?

Ronit Kumar, Sports Editor

February 20, 2019

“OK Google, what is the weather outside?” “OK Google, set a reminder for 5 p.m. to do my homework.” There are many possible questions that you can ask Google Home Mini if you own one. Overall, I believe that a Google Home Mini is worth purchasing because of the vast variety of tasks you can v...

Living with It: The success-full mindset

Living with It: The success-full mindset

Elisa Fang, Editor-in-Chief

February 13, 2019

Dear Reader, Motivation is a scam. Is what I’ve thought sitting and staring, in all my senioritis-infused glory, with the thought of the workload from the classes I love looming in the many tabs of my computer screen — this article included — wondering why I do what I do, and why I’m wil...

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