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It’s not just you: Those white trees on campus really do stink

Michael Han, News Editor

April 28, 2018

In the spring, blooming flowers create a picturesque background anywhere you look. Ultimately, all things come to an end, and many of the flowering trees have already shed their petals as new buds grow. Less regrettably, however, is the dissipation of the trademark scent of these smelly white trees. However,...

Why climate change still matters: investigating impact, involvement and uncomfortable truths

Taylor Atienza, Features Editor

April 20, 2018

Climate change. You’ve heard the term at least once, but likely more than you’d really care to. It’s repeated constantly, in reports about those poor starving polar bears, the gradually rising ocean levels, the dying bees. You’ve heard it, certainly, but let’s face a fact: we mourn those poor bea...

Endangered Species Act at risk for extinction

Taylor Atienza, Features Editor

May 17, 2017

Since its enactment in 1973, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has remained a great source of contention. But with the new Trump administration, the controversy over its necessity has reached a new height. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange have led ...

New environmental policies of the Trump administration fuel uncertainty for the future

Taylor Atienza, Features Editor

March 8, 2017

  Mere hours after President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20, the Trump  administration ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to freeze all affairs and contracts (The Washington Post). An email detailing the new instructions was sent to the EPA’s Office of Acqui...

California judge leads recent victory against hydraulic fracking

Taylor Atienza, Features Editor

November 4, 2016

Last September, a U.S. federal judge overturned a federal plan that proposed allowing over one million acres of land in California to be used for hydraulic fracking. Hydraulic fracking, or fracking, is a method of obtaining natural oil and gas from the ground by injecting fluids into the earth. The fl...

An elephantine crisis: new study investigates elephant losses in Africa

Taylor Atienza, Features Editor

November 4, 2016

At the Conference of Parties to CITES in Johannesburg, South Africa last September, the International Union for Conservation of Nature presented a new study that revealed African Elephant populations have experienced the worst losses in 25 years. The IUCN report, presented at the 17th conference between the or...

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