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Student Spotlight: Colleen Gu

Carina Liu and Olivia Phongsa November 19, 2021

Sustained Investigation: How does our imagination change the way we perceive the world? I chose it because I feel like there's a lot of creative freedom that comes with the question. You could think...

Student Spotlight: Amy Li

Carina Liu and Olivia Phongsa November 3, 2021

Sustained Investigation: “How do our minds construct the world around us?”  In my sustained investigation, I drew a person who's putting up their paintings on the walls. And the other drawings...

Student Spotlight: Eternity Owens

Carina Liu and Olivia Phongsa October 27, 2021

Sustained investigation: “How can I use fiction and fantasy in order to help predict the future and find understanding through our human experiences?” I chose [this theme]  because I really...

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Student Spotlight: Fine Arts