Is “Legends” Worth Watching?

Is “Legends” Worth Watching?

Veronica Liow, Managing Editor

Legends leaps into an already suspenseful and action-packed scene as the main protagonist, Martin Odum (Sean Bean), one of the best FBI undercover agents, maneuvers his way around the inner workings of a terrorist organization led by a man named the Founding Father. Though (spoiler alert!) Martin does catch the group of terrorists, the plot doesn’t stop there.

The rest of the show has Martin involved in other undercover operations that require different “legends”, or undercover identities. Each time, after completing his role in these operations, he must undergo a psychological analysis to bring him back to reality. Although Martin is one of the most superb and convincing undercover agents, his ability to transform himself into another identity has its backfires: he no longer knows who he is and is unable to distinguish made-up facts from these legends and his own life. It seems as if he can no longer remember the simplest of past events, such as how he proposed to his wife.

And to top it off, a few episodes in, a strange and mysterious homeless man warns Martin that he is not who he thinks he is, and before Martin can ask any further questions, the homeless man is murdered.

Currently, the show has one season with 10 episodes lasting approximately 45 minutes. But is this action-packed TV show worth seeing?

Although Legends has an interesting background story, the plots and subplots just do not intertwine; essentially, there is no “flow”, leaving holes and gaps that the audience must either fill in with guesses or abandon altogether. This provides potential for false interpretations of the events occurring; I certainly have had my fair share of confusion. Also, Legends easily loses the interests of its readers, despite the various cliffhangers, because of its tendency to drag on the suspense. Questions are often left unanswered for far too long. Eventually, the audience no longer bothers to find an answer to the question.

Unless the plot described earlier really gets your mind in a frenzy, don’t waste your time on “Legends”. Watch “Suits” or some old classics like “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Office” instead. There are better ways to spend 450 minutes of your life, such as not watching Legends.