Candy Consumed During The Halloween Season

It is that time of year again, folks! The time of year where kids go crazy off of sugar and fiery orange embers glow inside of pumpkins. That’s right, you named it: it’s Halloween time!

Halloween is known for the tradition of kids of all ages going around from door to door accumulating piles of candy, as well as the scary costumes. However, the costumes aren’t the only thing that’s scary about Halloween; so is the amount of candy consumed.

According to the Huffington Post, on average, Americans purchase a staggering 600 million pounds of candy during Halloween time. Among those 600 million pounds, 90 million of them are purely just pounds of chocolate candies. After chocolate, the second most popular candy purchased during Halloween season is candy corn. According to “”, if we were to lay all the candy corn that was purchased and/or consumed during Halloween each year, it would wrap around the earth 4.25 times.

Of course, with big purchases come large amounts of money spent on those purchases. The Huffington Post also states that about $2 billion in profit is made from candy sales in the USA during Halloween, per year. Once again, of those $2 billion, chocolate sales make up about $1.2 billion.

Halloween is not only a time of dressing up in costumes and eating candy. It is a time of statistics and numbers as well. So next time you’re out trick or treating, remember these fun facts!