Blackhawk: ­­Myth or Fact?

It’s that time of year again, and we all know what that means­­ trick-or-treating season! And we just can’t have Halloween pass by without rumors flying through the school, mostly centering around what has been deemed as “the rich area”: Blackhawk. Rumors include that house that hands out iPods every Halloween, or the houses that gives out full­-sized candy bars to every trick-­or-­treater. The iPod-giver story in particular has been modified and debunked multiple times, the story changing with every student. Many of these rumors begin with the words, “I heard that … ”

One story discloses that a rapper who once lived there downloaded his songs onto iPods and gave them in the hopes of reviving his music, while others say that the person who handed them out has long since moved away, only to be

replaced by someone giving out one-pound bags of M&M’s. Some even go so far as to say that when the M&M’s bag resident moved away, he made the current resident sign a contract to continue the tradition, but it was ignored.

However, when actually approached and asked about the real Blackhawk area during Halloween, most students admit to having never visited Blackhawk, and knowing nothing about it.

“All I know is that people go there [because] rich people equals more candy,” claims sophomore Colin Wu.

The majority of the student population do not seem to know anyone who has actually visited Blackhawk, perhaps due to the speculation of its extreme exclusivity. Nevertheless, gossip continues to circulate about this exceptionally unusual area. Whatever the case, trick-­or-­treating in any neighborhood this year is sure to guarantee a majorly satisfying supply of candy.