Hairy Isn’t That Scary


MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf fully envelops the idea behind how humans love hairy creatures and is expected to air its 5th season in 2015.

Teen Wolf is a show revolving around a boy named Scott McCall in his sophomore year at Beacon Hills High School. Scott is a pretty built guy who plays on the lacrosse team at Beacon Hills High with his dream of becoming first line on the team. However Scott has asthma and therefore he can not be placed in that position.

One night, his best friend, Stiles Stilinski, the son of the town sheriff, hears from his father about a dead body found in the woods. Stiles, being extremely curious, brings Scott along with him to find the body before the Beacon County Sheriff’s Department can. While searching for the body, Scott and Stiles see Sheriff Stilinski in the distance. One of the deputies catches Stiles while Scott runs off on his own. On his way back home, Scott trips and drops his inhaler. In search of his inhaler, he ends up finding a severed body on the ground, then notices a behemoth-sized creature with searing red eyes in the distance. The creature bites Scott, causing him to experience many changes in his life.

Scott goes to school the next day and meets a new female transfer student. Her name is Allison Argent, daughter of a renowned government firearms dealer. Obviously, Scott being a teenage boy with raging hormones, asks her out to a party hosted by the most popular girl in school: Lydia Martin. The only issue is that it’s on the night of a full moon. During the party, Scott begins to feel incredibly impulsive and starts to display unnatural behavior.

Scott ditches Allison at the party and returns home. He runs himself under the cold shower and his skin starts to steam. His eyes start to glow an intense gold, his nails grow long and sharp, his teeth become fangs and his face starts to transform into something unrecognizable: Scott has become a werewolf.

With the full moon out, a werewolf’s impulses are at their peak, including the urge to maim and kill people, especially the ones that catch their interest. In this case, Allison. Scott jumps out of his window in search of Allison and becomes formally introduced to Derek Hale, a fellow werewolf. Derek comes from a family of werewolves that has lived in Beacon Hills for a long time, until the Hale family house was burned down, killing Derek’s entire family. He has been a werewolf since birth and has experience with controlling the transformation during the full moon. Although there is something that is different about Derek; his eyes are an ice cold blue, not gold. When they encounter one another, Derek stops Scott from killing anybody by picking a fight with him and tells him exactly the kind of werewolf Scott is. Derek and Scott are both known as “betas” in a pack of wolves, while the one that bit Scott was known as an “alpha”. Later in the series it is revealed that the color of your eyes reflects the true nature of oneself, gold meaning untainted, blue meaning soulless (killers), and red means having the strength to lead, but for werewolves it’s the spark of power within the alphas that enhance their abilities to shape shift into more complex forms while enhancing their abilities even further.

After their little hairy bonding moment, Scott is shot by an arrow. The shot comes from a group of werewolf hunters that have been recorded in history since ancient times in France. It turns out that the hunters belonged to a highly renowned family known as the Argents which means silver in French. Sound familiar? Allison actually comes from a family of werewolf hunters, but she hasn’t been exposed to this side of her family yet. Just another issue that Scott has to cope with.

Gifted with the powers of super speed, super strength, fast reflexes, an enhanced sense of smell, powerful hearing and a deadly set of claws, Scott has become a werewolf. Although Scott isn’t an average beta within the ranks of werewolves. He learns that he is a werewolf known as a “True Alpha”, one who rises from a beta to an alpha through sheer force of will and strength of character without having to steal the power from an alpha.

Now what makes this show so special? Why is this cliché sounding show so popular among large amounts of viewers across the United States? It’s that this show seems like an average werewolf forbidden love story between a hunter and a wolf, but it is everything but that.

Teen Wolf’s storyline is extremely vast and entertaining, using heroes and villains deriving from ancient myths from all over the globe. Whether it be African lizard men with paralytic toxins uses to immobilize their prey known as Kanima, Druids with an extreme obsession with sacrifices and a specialization in the three fold death, dark fox spirits from Japan who live off of pain and strife or even fearsome bone warriors known as Berserkers, there is no end to what Producer Jeff Davis can muster up for the viewers. Jeff Davis also uses relatable factors of life that a lot of teens face today, like: popularity, desire, death, divorce, financial struggles, diseases, grades, love, friends and family. He combined these factors together to create a beautiful work of art that finds people joining in on the fandom every day.

There’s all of these factors that play a part in the love for the show, but what really gets the viewers coming back for more is the character development. Seeing the characters that you love transform from being these naive teenagers into strong, virtuous and selfless individuals is truly magnificent. In the history of storytelling, there is one thing that is a necessity for each story, and that is great character development and Jeff Davis has delivered to the viewers just that.

Teen Wolf currently has four seasons completed, and is green-lit for a 5th season in 2015, most likely during the summer.

Now, if you’ve read this far into the article and are intrigued by this article, then you should probably look into checking out MTV’s hit show: Teen Wolf.