San Ramon’s New City Hall

Allie Montag, Staff Writer

Many of you may have heard of, or even seen the new reconstruction of the San Ramon’s City Hall. On October 8th of last year, the city’s mayor, Bill Clarkson, was eager to announce the new center. The new City Hall will be located across the street from the library on Bollinger Canyon road. This new center is estimated to take around a year to totally reconstruct. In doing so, the city has also closed down the nearby skate park to ensure speedy work and no accidents from having young people be so near.

The Hall will provide a place for the town’s issues and/or concerns to reside, as well as holding any town meetings. To say the least, many are thrilled that we will finally have a meeting place where upcoming important issues and events can be discussed. Mayor Bill Clarkson stated, “This is great news for the city of San Ramon. We have an opportunity to see a first phase start to the City Center Project that results in the construction of a new City Hall which we can afford and does not require any debt financing.”

The park, as well as the new City Hall, is expected to reopen sometime next year between December and January. The townspeople are also pleased to know that the town’s money is going toward a proper cause, and many wait anxiously to see how this lavish new building will turn out.