Hey You!

Hey You!

We have school tomorrow YAYY

too much workkkkk

irene pls

YS is Jesus

Can you guys stop with the “….is something?” It’s getting annoying! P.S JH is the one.

Bruh, you are a hypocrite, why don’t you stop! P.S JH is the bae

JH doesn’t fight chuck norris. Chuck norris fights himself for him

Hey chicken. you let the boat sink. Get it together. They gun find you, and you wil pay

Let’s make this year historic Wildcats!

CAE I know you see me.

J you care more about me than obama care does.

pls jy and jh…

JH ia my Budda

jin is a hawt qtpie

YCS is the bae

JY can you marry me?

JY swag master 98 lvl 3 in voodoo magik. praise.

JH is a hawt qtpie <3

YCS hates bird president

irene is qt

wowie… stars are bright and I’m still doing homework 🙁

Hey You, kid (probably a freshman) who holds the door open at the 3k during 5th to 6th period passing! Learn that in life you can only hold the door for so long, otherwise you will spend the rest of your days holding it for everyone but yourself.

i seriously cant deal with this stress anymore why is dougherty like this

lab station number six

EP has a nice thermos

Hey HM, ur hot and I love you

How can musicians get more famous around Dougherty? (I’m in a band with 3 other friends, 1 who is my brother.)

hey you yahoo answers, thanks for saving my ass in chem <3

I wonder, do you like pizza as much as I do?

do you sleep

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

cindy q is cute 😀


Mikl is ossim possim

HEY YOU MR AND MP YOU GUYS ARE CUTE (can you please put this in the newspaper?)



Hey L, sorry for purposely ignoring you everyday during 2nd period. You’re really intimidating. -A

Hareesh I <3 U

Mickey I <3 U. I did that to your locker out of love.

Anime is a way of life


Taylor, the latte boy, I <3 him, I <3 him, I <3 him.

are you going to put these asks in the newspaper?

SJ, thanks for the locker

Lindsey, the stalker chick, u scare me, u scare me, u scare me.

What’s your favorite anime?

Wanna get 360 no scoped nuub. Get wrecked m8 i’m in da faze cland breh! I’ll wreck your naan m8!!

Anime is love, Anime is life

The Tribune is my favorite newspaper! 😀

hey you sophomore vp please please pleaseeee ask ic out to homecoming!!!

AC, you still owe me cake.

GN don’t drown.

can you imagine if soph vp and p went to hc together lol

Hey you, JK, stop wearing socks with crocs

Hey you, freshman presidential candidate, I’m not a freshman; I’m a senior

Hey you, Ms. Decker you’re awesome

Hey you, juniors, who can’t drive, stay away from the parking lot

Hey you, freshmen, stop annoying us

Hey you, SL, hang in there, it will get better

Hey you, Bane, where’s your trigger?

Hey you, why is the freshman class bigger than the junior and senior class combined?

Hey you, the struggle is real.

Hey you, D.A., why don’t you switch to 4th period?

Hey you, E.C., wowie

Hey you, juniors that sit in front of my locker…move.

Hey you, seniors, your spirit is on point this year.

Hey you, Ryan Gosling, you’re perfect.