2,3… GO BLUE!

Scott Olvera and Paul Shin

Last Friday, amidst the hustle and bustle of the football game against Los Lomas, Dougherty’s band program filed into the stands to cheer on Dougherty’s football team.  With over 320 musically-talented students ready to play, the ambiance was at an all-time high with more than 10 outstanding records to jam out.

The Blue Crew, as they are called, plays a variety of songs at certain football games.  From the scary-sounding soundtrack of “Jaws” all the way to the upbeat classic, “Timewarp”, Mrs. Musiel (the Music Director) keeps the Blue Crew’s morale up and provides excellent music for the games.

Why was Blue Crew started? According to Mrs. Musiel, “We needed a way for band to be mobile and play upbeat tunes, not like our serious music.” Another reason was that when Dougherty was first opened, many other places, like Safeway, were opening and wanted the band to play for them (there were a lot less people back then). It was “not a concert setting, very informal, fun, peppy music. Familiar music, maybe.”

The musicians in band enjoy this opportunity to play their hearts out at the games as well as meet up before the games. Sophomore Stephanie Yeo “loves the energy and excitement and the unity between the whole entire band.” Senior Daniel Won states that his favorite part of Pep Band is “time of bonding for everyone and especially the clarinets.” Band Council Manager, senior Ryan Lau, asserts, “It’s just a huge surge of spirit that makes everyone closer. It’s a family thing.” With such strong camaraderie, everyone should expect nothing but great things from the band.
We can definitely expect great things from the Blue Crew in the near future. Some upcoming dates where the band will be playing include Friday, Oct.17, the Homecoming football game, and Thursday, Oct. 30.