The Teacher Point of View

At Dougherty Valley High School, many students fall into routines and build habits including stressing over grades, yet getting lazy on assignments, and coming late to class. The students miss out on a few key components to help understand what they are being taught; they also transcend in other areas of education.

The teachers are the first to notice these strengths and weaknesses that  are prevailing throughout each graduating class of students. As the student body’s mentors and educators, they want their pupils to achieve their apogee in learning. A couple of teachers were asked about what they expect from a student and what they love about the students at Dougherty Valley High School.

After being asked what students have to work on, Ms. Rachael Byron said, “I’ve noticed students sometimes email me with questions about assignments that could easily be answered by classmates.”

She continues, saying that the discussion tool should be used more often to get answers from students rather than consulting a teacher.

Underclassmen, the younger students at DVHS, who have to get accustomed to new and unfamiliar surroundings of high school, are allowed a chance to change who they are and also get involved with in school activities. Ms.Byron suggests pursuing “your real interests” because your schedules are more flexible, Mr. Adam Seipel advises to get involved with school activities.

Upperclassmen have a different task ahead of them. They are starting to think about their futures, which include topics such as colleges and career choices, and begin to overwork themselves, stressing every step of the way. Mr. Seipel believes that you should “make the best of all situations and just have fun.” High school is a part of your life that you will always remember, so you want it to be memorable.

Being a good student is a big part of making high school an indelible part of your life. When asked to define a “perfect student,” Ms. Byron described a student with a balance of outside activities, good grades, and enjoying family and friend relations . Mr. Seipel said that someone who can take risks and “is willing to take criticism and work to improve/change immediately” is a perfect student.

The student body of Dougherty Valley has its strengths too, Mr. Seipel says that students have a lot of spirit, “which is a huge testament to the strength of our student body to make the school better each year.” Ms. Byron agreed, “I am amazed every year with each passing group of students by their commitment to their studies as well as their incredible hearts and desire to serve their school and families in extracurricular activities.”

The students at Dougherty Valley are very different from most school by having a sense of school pride and understand the importance in a well rounded life. They are able to maintain their personal strengths as well as improving on other skills. Students at DVHS still have much to improve on, this includes maintaining a low stress level and being careful on school work. By working on these suggests, students at Dougherty Valley High School can become a better student body altogether.