How to Find A Cheap Homecoming Dress

The shoes, the hair, the makeup, the jewelry … Oh, and the dress, of course! They’re all a part of the excitement leading up to homecoming. Every girl dreams of finding the perfect homecoming dress. Some girls like bright, poofy dresses while others like sparkly, elegant ones. Whatever your taste is, there is a dress out there for everyone. But who wants to spend a fortune on a dress that is going to be worn for just one night? Fortunately, there are plenty ways to find the perfect dress at an affordable price.


Homecoming dresses can range from as low as $10 to as high as $300 or more! The key to finding the perfect, affordable dress is to give yourself time. Start looking for a dress at least a month ahead of time. Do NOT wait until the night before the event to buy your dress. It will make your life way too stressful!

Stores like Forever 21, JC Penney’s, and H&M carry a multitude of formal and semi-formal dresses for a fairly cheap price! If you want a stunning dress that no other girl will have, shop in a thrift or consignment store. Most girls would never think of looking for a dress at stores that sell old or used clothing, but vintage is unique and can be extremely cute, and usually costs less than $15! The dress can even be tailored and modified to fit every girl’s taste.

Lexy Fadal, a junior at Dougherty said, “Sophomore year my dress was $7 and this year mine was $10.”

When it comes to homecoming dresses, there are so many options. A simple black dress can be glamoured up with a statement necklace and some bold heels. A poofy dress with a bold print can be paired with some prestigious dangly earrings. Whatever your taste is, your dress is out there for less!