Aries: With the month of October upon us, you find yourself leaning on people more and more for help, which is not typical with your usual independent tendencies. Don’t fret, Aries, the people in your life are there for a reason and would like to return your caring ways.

Taurus: Amidst the cooling weather is change, and you don’t enjoy change and don’t know how to feel about it. Don’t worry about the unknown; embrace moments that will soon turn into memories.

Gemini: This season, opportunities in which your energetic personality can be useful will present themselves, but don’t worry when they take time. Remember, when you’re feeling restless,  good things come to those who wait.

Cancer: A friend of yours is in need of a loyal and trustworthy friend, and will turn to you for advice. Be patient if it takes time for them to come out of their shell and try to see things from a different perspective.

Leo: Your confidence and warm personality makes it easy for you to be the center of attention and constantly make new friends, but try not to get caught up in the buzz of everything and neglect those who are always there for you.

Virgo: Your precise nature might make it hard to fully relax, but take some time out of your day for you. Read your favorite novels, watch a funny movie, have a bubble bath. With your hectic life, remember to pamper yourself whenever possible.

Libra: During times of conflict, you may find yourself hiding your true feelings. In order to come to peace with this strife, as well as your pent-up emotions, state what’s truly on your mind about the ordeal.

Scorpio: Hard work and independence are your strong suits, but you find that you’re feeling lonely. The constant control and discipline is important, but when it’s too much, take a break, reach out to a friend and let loose for a while

Sagittarius: You may be going through hardships, but try to stay optimistic and keep your head held high. Your typically-positive attitude and your kind tendencies may keep people from seeing your suffering. Just remember that you need to ask for help when times are difficult.

Capricorn: Your ambitious nature will get you far in life and you have a natural flare for being a leader. Work hard and keep your goals in sight. When feeling overwhelmed, clear your mind of the clutter and do something you enjoy.

Aquarius: The spontaneous choices that you make might not always have the predicted end result, but don’t let them damper your spirits. Continue making life fun, helping others feel better about themselves and coming up with creative ideas.

Pisces: You feel the need to help your friends with all of their problems. If your friend is suffering, you will find yourself trying to take away their pain and suffer along with them. While this is noble, try to keep yourself strong so you can be there for your friend.