Success with “Almost, Maine” Sparks Vega to Bring Forth Another Comedy

On October 23-25, the DVHS drama program will perform “In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (That Should Be Shot)” to bring an interesting, but somewhat relatable family dinner to you.

We say relatable as in, the if-you’ve-ever-been-to-an-awkward-family-dinner-with-crazy-in-laws-and-robbers-crash-the-dinner-and-take-your-family-hostage kind of relatable.

Over the years, DV Drama has consistently brought forth amazing performances that spark recognition in the eyes of the avid theatergoer just with the mere mention of its name (do the wildly successful performances “Aida” and “Almost, Maine” ring a bell?).

Walking into the drama room, the Wildcat Tribune found many students were already rehearsing and honing their skills in earnest for the performance, weeks before the show. Actors ran across the floor as if it was the stage, performing as the characters themselves while the stage manager and a few other students looked on.

Everyone was hard at work, including famed Drama Director Mr. Vega himself. Even so, he was ecstatic about the efficiency at which the drama progressed.

“This has to be the most stress-free production I’ve ever worked on,” he said. “We’re way ahead of schedule, the cast is easy to work with and everything is going very smoothly.”

Many performers well-known for their stellar performances in previous shows have returned this year to give this play an extra oomph. Among these returnees are the comedic Ryan Chiu, the charismatic Dillon Aurelio Perata and the cheerful Megan Olivera.

Yet what makes “In-Laws and Outlaws” stand out from its category of plays is the vast variety of experience the cast members possess.

Not only will there be well-known veterans of the stage, but also many fresh faces ranging from freshmen to seniors, all of whom have never been in a Dougherty performance. The experienced cast will be able to mentor and guide the less experienced so that everyone will have their moment to shine.

The cast doesn’t just rehearse and recite lines, however; they orchestrate stage props and setup. According to Mr. Vega, everyone pitches in to repaint and restructure the set to accommodate the scenery of “In-Laws and Outlaws”, with the help of history teacher Mr. Clemente.

Missed your chance to be in the midst of the fun-filled drama (or drama-filled fun)? Don’t worry, Mr. Vega has a few tips on how to get involved in Performing Arts at Dougherty, and on anything anywhere, really.

“[The key to getting involved is] persistence; there’s usually not enough roles for everyone, but if you keep returning and you’re willing to take any part that you can, I will get to know you better,” Mr. Vega said. “You might have a better chance at getting into a part that you want, and the musicals and the one-acts are great ways to get involved as well.”

“In-Laws and Outlaws” is a comedic, slice-of-life play that tells the story of a family dinner on Christmas Eve that is suddenly interrupted by a band of robbers. Eventually it becomes unclear as to who is actually being held hostage.

A follow-up play to the success of “Almost, Maine”, “In-Laws and Outlaws” was chosen for its ability to provide enough roles and also appeal to the high school audience with its twist of comedic romance.

And of course, the best performances are not without underlying morals. This one is all about not judging people before you get to know who they truly are.

The drama program here at DVHS will undoubtedly deliver another stunning performance deserving of a standing ovation from the entire theatre. Pricing for tickets is $10 for adults, $7 for students, and, if you happen to bring a non-perishable food item for donation, then admittance is only $5.

Mark your calendars—”In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (That Should be Shot)” will run October 23-25 at 7 p.m.

A must-see crafted by the labor and hard work of the drama production, it’s a play that is the exact description of Mr. Vega’s enthusiastic words: “A Christmas Eve that you will never forget!”