Dougherty’s Choir Diligently Prepares for Upcoming Fall Concert

Joshua Santiago, Staff Writer

The Dougherty Valley Choir is set to perform better than ever on October 14th, alongside the DV Orchestra.

The choir has formed into their own during the short time they have been together this year. Junior Kevin Chen, a first-time performer, said, “Although we signed up for different classes, it’s just one giant class. The men’s ensemble and women’s ensemble are different [only] in the sense that our voices are different” The dynamic between the groups will truly show in the upcoming concert.

Choices in song are delicately picked and thoroughly thought over by the choral director, Diana Walker. Ms. Walker is always sure to pick various styles and genres to fit the songs the choir studies.

“Our job as singers is to give the audience an accurate portrayal of what the composer wrote, which means that we need to know what we’re singing and know how the composer wanted it to sound based on his/her notations within the music.” She says.

The choir still has work to be done before they perform. “We prepare for our concert using every moment in class to rehearse. We start by reading through the music so we get the form and the ‘road map’ of a piece. Then we’ll usually go into sectionals so each section can learn their part individually. Once everybody knows their part, we come back together and rehearse sections of the piece so we can hear how each part fits in.” says Ms. Walker.

The choir has an extremely diverse set to perform and whether their songs are lyrically fun or vocally intense, the choir is ready to stun with their well-rehearsed voices.