Wild in the suburbs

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  • A European mantis, commonly known as a praying mantis, poses on the road.

  • A desert cottontail rabbit waits by its burrow. Desert cottontails are distinguishable from brush rabbits by the orange-tinted fur on the nape of their necks and their black whiskers.

  • A baby mourning dove, the offspring of the previous mourning dove, waits in its nest.

  • A western fence lizard hatchling freezes in the middle of an ocean of sidewalk. Western fence lizards are the ones you always see scurrying along the sidewalks, and hear rustling in the bushes.

  • A mourning dove sunbathes on a patio umbrella. Mourning doves are well-known for their recognizable calls of, “ooo-oo ooooo ooooo oooo.”

  • A northern mockingbird perches in a bush. Northern mockingbirds are identifiable by the white flash on their wings when in flight.

  • A male red-tailed hawk screeches and soars through the air. It has seen another male and is heading to defend its territory.

  • Two male red-tailed hawks fight.

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Wildlife is abundant in San Ramon. Our lovely hills, which bloom baby hairs of green during the spring and bleach into crisp yellow grasses in the summer, are home to creatures from cottontail rabbits to red-tailed hawks, western fence lizards to coyotes.