Ants Invade Portables

Last month, teachers in the new portables were harassed by an onslaught of ants due to the establishment of the 9000 building, and have been taking active measures to cope with the issue.

In the early days, teachers in the portables had been squirting Expo cleaner on the troublesome ants, but as threat evolved, teachers like Mr. Vangene and Mr. Steele took matters into their own hands and began laying out ant traps.

One of the teachers able to comment on this issue was Mr. Vangene. When asked about the ant problems, Mr. Vangene explained, “It’s a part of Dougherty; the 1000 building used to have the same problem…they go away.”

Teachers in the portables strongly believe that with the tactics that are currently employed to combat the ants, they will be wiped out in no time. Mr. Vangene was already noticing a decrease in the ant population, and hoped to see them gone from his room within the month.

Mr. Vangene’s message to students was, “Do not worry; ants are small and harmless, and remember: no eating food in class!”

As for the other portables, Mr. Vangene informed that though the problem may be decreasing in his room, it is only beginning in other portables. With the ant population dwindling in Room 9107 but growing in other rooms, it seems there may be no end in sight in the near future for the ant problem harassing the portables.