Teacher and Student of Interest

Scott Olvera and Evan O'Connell

Teacher of Interest: 

Ms. Pattison is a government and holocaust facing history class teacher had an amazing summer last year and has much to look forward to this school year. Ms. Pattison is from Rockland, CA, a city just outside Sacramento. The reason why she decided to become a teacher is because she has a passion for working with kids and loves the subjects of History and Social Sciences.

Ms. Pattison had a fun and exciting summer this year. First she went to New York to for a two week fellowship for her new class she is teaching, the Holocaust class. Second, she also visited Seattle where she presented curriculum she created to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Third she went to Boston for a conference called, “Religious Pluralism in American Democracy.” Ms. Pattison is excited for the new school year, she is especially looking forward to her new class this year, the Holocaust and facing history class.

Ms. Pattison is not just an awesome teacher, she is an awesome person as well. Her favorite food to eat is Cool Ranch Doritos and her favorite type of food is Mexican food. Ms. Pattison also enjoys different varieties of music but her favorite band is Dave Matthews Band.  Her favorite sport is baseball and favorite team is the San Francisco Giants. According to Ms. Pattison the most valuable things in life are friends and family. Her favorite quote is by Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Student of Interest:

Michael Eschner, a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School, had been very busy this summer pursuing his hobby to do what he loves. He is a very well known D.J. in the local area who goes by the name of D.J. X. He has been DJing for 3 years and has met many famous D.J.s at events that he has been to.

Michael was first inspired to start DJing when he saw someone doing it and having the time of their lives. He was inspired to try it out and ever since, this talented, self-taught man has provided excellent performances to special events. When asked how he had taught himself, Michael said, “I played around with it and figured things out. People always told me to look at YouTube, but if I want to figure something out, I do it by myself because I can learn better.” Having the ability to be self-taught has allowed Michael to absorb so much regarding how to be a outstanding D.J. Michael’s independence has enabled him to purchase his own equipment and to pave his way to becoming an even better D.J.

Michael has grand plans for the future and one of them is to continue his career as a D.J. He stated, “If i can make a good future out of it then I will. I always want to keep my mind based on reality and what I should focus on. I will always be doing it as a side-job if I become really successful. I plan to go to college with a minor in music and major in business.” Michael’s well thought out plan will drive him to further pursue his dreams and become successful out in the real world.