Hey You!

Hey You!

1) Mimi is the best editor-in-chief ever -Ife

2) ^I agree -Irene

3) Michael writes amazing articles? (both of them)

4) I want to thank EC for inventing the name ‘Dapper’

5) Thank you, parents, for supporting me graduating 9th grade

6) The Tribune is the best thing that’s ever happened to me

7) Thanks for all the free food I got at Tribune meetings!

8) ^I second the motion 🙂

9) Poke the Andicat! (^-_-^)

10) AC: thanks for conditioning the air. And AC for DAPPER & CARLEY yes.

11) Thanks to the Tribune’s readership!

12) Thanks to the entire Tribune staff!

13) FROP- you’re awesome! 🙂

14) Being part of the Wildcat Tribune has been the most excellent experience!

15) <3 Thank you Ms. Decker & Mimi the great!!!

16) Thanks ME, I couldn’t do it without you…and every Tribune staff member. And Ms. Decker. Definitely Ms. Decker.