The Tribune Reflects: Top 14 Memories of the Year


1. Putting (and finding) the first issue everywhere.

2. The short-lived Hey You table. Hey You, kid who was only willing to do it if we had food, we did have food. You missed an opportunity.

3. Ms. Decker when she said “I think this is our best issue yet.”

4. The fashion issue still makes me smile and roll my eyes. At the same time! It’s quite impressive.

5. Mafia games, parties, and crazy debates where debaters would start yelling at the top of their lungs and Ms. Pike would come in to see what the fuss was all about. Once, Mimi had a salad out just as Ms. Pike came in. Not so funny then, but looking back it was hilarious! (IC)[Editor’s Note: Ms. Pike, IC’s salad is a metaphor.]

6. Of course we didn’t sneak in food such as fruit snacks, cookies, or biscuits during our meetings at the library! (VL)

7. During the Christmas party mafia game, Tobin (the narrator) explained that I died with my tongue tied to the ceiling fan. Eww.

8. Having an excuse to play mafia and Team Fortress 2 (PS)

9. I remember how desperate Ife and I were for a picture to go with the lead article [about the school blackout]. As the deadline approached, we improvised- a phone flashlight, darkened english room, and three cowering poses later we “had the shot”. (ME)

10. I cherish the memory of the first time I held a stack of Issue X’s gloriously shimmery paper. It gave the “Wall of Shame” some real class.

11. Getting offended comments for the ‘April Fools’ issue. That was classic. Especially when multiple people informed me of the grammar mistakes in the ‘Grammar Skillz’ article.

12. Playing sardines during the winter party. I had the best hiding spot behind a trash can. I even found an infinity ring. Text me if you want it back.

13. The resonanting ‘bang’ sound every time someone opened the door after 12:30.

14. Getting to meet 20+ wonderful, smart, gorgeous people whose awesomeness cannot be contained in any adjective in the english language.