Inquisitive and entertaining, Jeff Goldblum has it all

Actor Jeff Goldblum, a favorite to many, stars in the TV documentary show The World According to Jeff Goldblum by Disney +, and provides a different angle to many of our treasured memories and hobbies, while touching upon the science behind why they are so treasured. The show is light-hearted and highly entertaining, mostly due to Goldblum’s unbridled curiosity and child-like ability make his audience laugh. 

With 10 episodes released so far, Goldblum touches upon everyday items, such as ice cream and sneakers. The show is about our obsessions with our favorite things and the science behind our obsessions, such as sneakers and ice cream. Yet, Goldblum manages to bring the show to life through his eccentric observations, peppering the viewer with facts, both and when combined with his curious nature, the show becomes weird , andbut delightful when combined with his curious nature. The highlight of the show is the way how Goldblum touches on the science behind these everyday objects,  and explaining exactly what exactly happens when you interact with these objects.

The show is an evolution, a sort of fusion between a documentary and reality show. It expands on the grey area that is created by this fusion by way of the show’s interaction with experts in each industry and insights in how these things work. The reality show aspect of the show is carried by Goldblum and his quirky attitude towards these things, making him the connection between each episode. Because of this, it feels appropriate for all ages and leaves the viewer craving for more. 

The lack of any script makes the show feel original, like the viewer is having a conversation with Goldblum himself. This is exemplified in the episode “Sneakers,”, where Goldblum goes to Sneaker-Con and interacts with those present. He talks with the professional sneaker resellers as well amateur sneaker enthusiasts, eventually brokering a deal. His interactions perfectly encompass the show as his genuine curiosity makes the viewer curious as well. At the end of the episode, he makes his own custom sneaker, complete with faux zebra fur and a varsity imprint.

Despite the novelty of the show, the show does feel disconnected at times and Goldblum’s eccentric behaviour does get very odd sometimes. Goldblum also fails to properly relate the topic to the science behind it sometimes. Unlike in Episode 1, the interaction between him and the sneaker designer felt very uncomfortable, due to since Goldblum constantly made making unnecessary remarks. 

Although the show has flaws, ultimately Goldblum’s natural curiosity and ability to turn simple things into moments of nostalgia makes this series a must watch. “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” gives a different angle to these childhood memories and encompasses them in a very nostalgic, Goldblum way.