Celebrity political involvement: more valuable than you think

Daniela Wise-Rojas, Social Media Editor

Hollywood Stars. Fame. Glamour. Untouchable. At least, that’s what celebrities are depicted to be: isolated. From the moment they step out of that black Cadillac Escalade accompanied by bodyguards into a restaurant, these people are no longer on the same level as regular people. Sure. Fair point. But the key difference is that many celebrities are weary of politics, but stay clear of it in an effort to please everyone. This begs the question: who set these rules?

The answer is a lot easier than one may think. Society set these rules, and society regulates these rules. The rule is that people must make a choice between having a political voice and having fame. But what many fail to realize is that having fame carries a certain responsibility that must be fulfilled. Fame places a heavy amount of power on certain individuals, meaning celebrities have a responsibility to use their platform for the better. 

Media always reports on celebrities who voice their views, and oftentimes it divides people, but it also teaches people to respect those who use their platform to their advantage.

Take Taylor Swift for example. The international superstar remained m.i.a. on political topics for nearly a decade. Directed by Lana Wildson, her new Netflix documentary “Miss Americana,” showcases Swift’s evolution from someone who tried to please everyone to a politically active and woke person.

In one altercation with her father and manager Scott Swift expressed his concerns about Taylor Swift coming forward with her political views. In the heat of the Tennessee Senate elections in 2018, there was one highly conservative candidate in particular, Marsha Blackburn, whose views were highly distressing to Taylor Swift. She wanted to speak out against her and encourage people to vote for the other candidate, Phil Bredeson, despite the fact that she wasn’t involved initially and many speculated that she was secretly a conservative.

Scott Swift’s main concern was Taylor Swift’s safety, considering her fans come from many different walks of life and some with extreme opinions, but Taylor Swift pushed back, saying how she wants to be able to “love glitter and stand up for double standards that exist in society.”

“I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country,” Taylor Swift wrote in an Instagram post dated Oct. 7, 2018. 

Although some celebrities might beg to differ, Taylor Swift’s remarks speaks volumes and says a lot on the changing times in society. It may not be completely socially acceptable all the time for celebrities to take advantage of their platform, but it is becoming a trend. The reason why, as consumers, we are blinded by such, is because of our need to fit in. Celebrities are becoming trailblazers, attempting to create a “new normal.” Well, that is exactly what society needs.