Hey You!

Hey You!

1)Chambo, you said that you wanted a hey you.  Shout out to Chambo!

2) VL, why you so good. teach me pls

3) MS pls y u do dis –Andy

4) NS you’re pretty attractive

5)  WF, marry me

6) Michael, XOXO

7) Hi musicinkeys 🙂 <3 love your covers they got me up all night

8) Stop failing your class!

9) CC, cleaning dog crap with newspapers I see

10) Join Mock Trial!

11) PS, don’t talk about Green Mirage

12) Yoshi. How you so good?

13) MS, you’re a qt3.14159

14) The white flowers on the trees smell bad….:(

15) AS, I liek ur typing skulllz on FB dyude!

16) NL, stop being so nice!

17) Remember when I said “goodbye” and you were like “NO WAY.”

18) Don’t eat the candy, Julio

19) Godzilla loves Tokyo

20) Join Journalism because it’s a great way to share your writing with the school!

21) Poke!

22) The only place I read the paper is when I use the restroom

23) Join the Tribune… OR ELSE — Ife

24) Of mice & men… so depressing main character dying

25) I’m looking forward to journalism next year!

26) Join the WT! We have lollipops 🙂

27) DL, If you have 12 hours of conference, at least make 3 speeches.

28) Keep smiling, you’re beautifle

29) I’m so scared for dance audition results!

30) PS, stop being crazy

31) She made me

32) Mr. Wengel is cool

33) Wildcats: thanks for making me feel so welcome at DVHS!

34) shushie, marry me <3

35) AF, your initials are cool _ _

36) AC, freaking give us the cake already! CAKE!!!

37) EuroZuela, stop procrastinating!

38) Josh, Prom? Spoderman

39) ME-you’re the apple of my eye!

40) I <3 Ms. Decker


42) ayy (MAUB)

43) Ryan Sim is a GOD

44) RS, you have sweg

45) you guys are doing a great job

46) Hey CA, All hail Dmitri

47) Praise Dmitiri (I did it for the candy)


49) I lub ju!!! <3

50) Stop stressin out

51) ILY

52) Join mock trial

53) ML You’re Cute 😀

54) ES, why didn’t you schnellfee w/ me with our smoking hot cheeks?

55) When you’re still living I’ll be still alive.
When you’re dying I’ll be still alive.
When you’re dead I’ll be still alive.
Still alive.

56) To everyone in the school, keep making DVHS a great place to be in.