“Divergent” Diverges From Book But Still Shines


Veronica Liow, Staff Writer

One of the most well awaited films of the year, Divergent has somehow found its way through a suspense-filled obstacle course to hint the obvious: those that are different obstruct the balance of society. Tris Prior, formerly Beatrice, lives in a systematic society where people are split up into 5 factions: amity (peace), erudite (intelligence), abnegation (selflessness), dauntless (bravery), and candor (honesty). However, during an aptitude test, Tris discovers that she encompasses not one, but three of the traits: dauntless, erudite, and selflessness. Her divergence poses a threat to the society, as she cannot be controlled by the government’s brainwashing serums. After picking dauntless in the Choosing Ceremony, Tris brings the audience along for her initiation, fighting her way to make it so she doesn’t end up factionless.

Though the film didn’t live up to the greatness of the film, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great! Its action-packed adventure and great focus on the plot instead of the often overrated love story gives this film 3 and a half stars out of 5. Though parts of the book were missing and character development was slightly overshadowed, the movie was still overall a great experience. It left many on the edges of their seat. Junior, Alvin Lee, states that it was a “magical adventure of feels.” Some along with another junior, Tim Deng, believe that “the book was better”. To find out how good Divergent really is, catch it at your local theatre!