Hades Crowned King: The Tribune Recaps Mr. Wildcat

Hades Crowned King: The Tribune Recaps Mr. Wildcat

Dougherty Valley’s theater was the place to be on April 4th, at 7pm. Hundreds of students, staff members, and parents tuned in for a unique showing of the annual performance, Mr. Wildcat. The show consisted of cheesy jokes from hosts Mr. Tisa and Mrs. Galaviz to countless entertaining talent segments from contestants. The talents ranged from rapping to cooking shows to singing and dancing. Girls and boys alike lined up to bid on contestants in hopes of winning an on campus lunch with a star. The tickets were raffled off on stage prior to the interview questions that put each “Mr. Wildcat” on the spot. Questions varied from serious to silly, but each Mr. Wildcat responded with humility and wit. Overall the performance was nothing short of a masterpiece, and it was evident that everyone who took part in it gave it their all.

In the end it was senior Afolabi Adeoti who was crowned as Mr. Wildcat 2014. When inquired as to how he felt about it, he responded saying “This whole experience was amazing for me. I got to experience what it’s like to be in Mr. Wildcat and I got to hangout with a lot of my fellow seniors who I never really hung out with before. It was just an honor to win Mr.Wildcat, thank you to everyone who supported me.” His talented impersonation of Kevin Hart and his too good to be true cover of Trey Songz was just what he needed to win!

However it wasn’t just the winner who felt humbled to participate, runner up Camron Jones said “I’m sad it’s coming to an end, but I’ll never forget these guys.” Mr. Congeniality, Aaron Do, added on by encouraging his audience and his fans to just “let it go.” Most Seniors felt that Mr. Wildcat was the perfect event to partake in during their last year at DVHS. When senior Umar Farooq was questioned about how he felt about the experience he responded with “What a way to end four years”.

It wasn’t just the audience and the contestants that were thrilled by the show. Judge and teacher Mrs. Topf declared after the show that she’s “been to Mr. Wildcat every year since it started and this year’s crop was the greatest mixture of wit, humor, charm, intelligence and joy. They make us all proud to be a part of Dougherty Valley.”

Congratulations to the winner, everyone who participated and everyone who planned it; each wildcat is anxiously waiting till the next Mr.Wildcat!