Activities to Avoid this Spring Break


Collin Eng, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again, where spring approaches, the Easter Bunny comes out to hide his (or her) eggs, and teenagers get to sleep in. What’s that? It’s still hailing outside? It still feels like winter? Well, at least you can enjoy the rain. But what else can you do over spring break? Well, certainly not these activities.

Stay inside all break. Spring is very beautiful, and staying inside is for people who, well, stay inside. Of course, if you’re doing homework, that’s just as well…

Break into the school to get something you forgot. It’s understandable to get some homework over Spring Break, but you shouldn’t have to break into the school to go get it. Schools are especially worried that the Easter Bunny will hide some eggs in the commons. If you’ve lost your copy of The Tribune, then by all means wait outside the school, but watch out for the occasional egg hunter.

Get arrested by the police. Although some people seem to enjoy the thought of sleeping all Spring Break, doing it in a prison cell might not be the best place to do it. Make sure to tell the police that “finding” colored eggs isn’t a crime.

Eat too much Easter candy. Chocolate eggs and giant chocolate bunnies never get old. Bunnies sure do multiply, though, especially during wild Easter egg hunts. Sometimes the rabbits don’t always agree with teeth, and a tooth ache is never a good way to enjoy a break.

Hunt the Easter Bunny. Don’t confuse “Easter egg hunt” with “Easter Bunny hunt”, as that tends to make Easter a little bit less child friendly. Bunny season is all-year ‘round, but hunting the Easter Bunny when he has to start hiding eggs is too unfair. The rabbit’s just doing his job. Unfortunately for other wascally wabbits, duck season was over in January.