Women’s Tennis furthers great season with wins against Carondelet and Dublin

Aria Khalique, Multimedia Editor

Women’s tennis prevails against Monte Vista 6-3 on October 24 and Carondelet 9-0 on October 31, demonstrating their consistency throughout their season.


DV tennis has been dominating their season due to a strong mental game and consistent hard-hitting shots. They have worked their way up to number two in the East Bay Athletic League and are headed to NCS.


They continued their success with a win against Monte Vista 6-3 on October 24.


Co-captain Mahek Karamchandani and junior Shweta Srinivasan won their doubles match 6-1 6-2.


The duo explained that their victory was due to strong volleys and an even stronger mindset to win.


Co-captain Jasmine Lam lost her match against Angela Pham 3-6 2-6 due to a lack of consistency.


“I don’t think I was very consistent with my playing and I was giving away a lot of points” lam said.


However, Lam had no trouble with consistency as DV dominated Carondelet 9-0 on October 31. The night also marked senior night for Lam and her fellow seniors.


Lam won against Libby Leal 6-1 6-2. She explained that the energy of senior night impacted her performance.


“Because it was senior night I was really excited to play,” Lam explained “I told my friends to come watch me play and I was scared that I would mess up in front of them. But I think having them there ultimately helped me play better.”


Karamchandani and Srinivasan won their match 6-0 6-2 to continue their 18 game winning streak Srinivasan expressed that having spectators for senior night helped their motivation.


“The energy has always been high in my opinion but I was definitely more motivated to do well” Srinivasan said.


Similar to their win against Monte Vista, the Wildcats established hard serves and opened up the court well.


Junior Sadhika Akula explained that the game demonstrated how well the team has grown this season.


“I think our team is getting better and better every day. We get used to the grind and it helps us work harder and we all support each other a lot” Akula said.


The team is looking forward to demonstrating their strength at NCS on November 12-16. Lam said that they hope to do well and advance at NCS.


“I am so extremely proud of what my team has accomplished this seasons and we-re not done yet.”