Hey You, Yes You, Thank You!


It takes a village to produce the Tribune, and we want to thank everyone for their support. Specifically, we would like to thank:

Ms. Decker, for your layout-making, snack-hiding, sanity-fixing prowess. We truly couldn’t publish without your advice, experience and typo-finding abilities. We could write a whole issue on your virtues, but hopefully a lifetime of our devotion will prove our gratitude instead.

Ms. Pike, for reserving the library conference room during access for us in perpetuity, and herding lost-looking new members. We’ll figure out how to exit through the proper door…eventually.

Mr. Hillman, our unofficial patron and advocate, who may secretly by an undercover superhero.

Ms. Williamson, our interview-scheduler extraordinaire. Thank you for your support, and we hope this makes a shiny edition to your compendium.

Some of our biggest Staff Advocates, who always have kind words for us. Specifically, Ms. Grijalva (for always telling us what she thinks about the Tribune), Ms. Sakkis (for always saying the nicest and most encouraging things about the issues), Ms. Sheppach, (for always being excited for the next issue) and Mr. Ingram (who writes the most tear-jerking emails to website hosting companies and truly is our spirit animal).

Our wonderful Advertisers, especially C2 Education, Driversity, and Elite. We appreciate your support of the Tribune, which was (and is) critical to our beautiful Tribune baby.

Susan Grant, for printing every single issue, in a rainbow of colors. Here’s to publishing every issue on time!

The donors at Donors Choose, which helped us with critical funding for computer software and two beautiful new computers.

The Academic Boosters for your support of our paper and willingness to invest in The Tribune next year.

Tribune Editors, who spend every-other Monday afternoon with me, and spend their lives on the Article Compilation docs. Ife, Alicia, Ye Bin, Michael (T & S), Veronica, Irene, Liya- I truly couldn’t do this without you guys.

Writers. I can’t tell you how many times you’ve made me laugh, frown (in a good way) and think with thought-provoking articles, facts, comics and Access-debates. And thank you for getting those poll results (sometimes in less than six hours). Here’s to endless Quaker oat bars and fruit snacks! -Mimi

You, the reader. Whether you’re a casual-glancer, Hey-You scourer, poll-answerer, avid fan or ferocious enemy- we’d like to thank you for taking the time to read our articles. The goal of the Tribune is to inspire conversations about school, our community, and the world at large. We thank you for helping us to start the conversation!