Alexander lights up DV spirit


Teju Anand

Alexander lights up DVHS with school spirit.

DV Economics teacher Katie Alexander emphasizes her taste for school spirit as she begins the first year of her career at DVHS.

Alexander is greatly familiar with the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born in Hayward, CA. Then, she lived in Fremont until she turned 10 years of age. She has lived in Pleasanton ever since.. She worked in Pleasanton at Thomas M. Hart Middle School and Foothill High School. Eventually, she got hired by DVHS as an Economics teacher.

She chose to teach at DVHS as this school has had a great reputation overall. She heard about Dougherty’s extensive school spirit, which implies a great surrounding community. She really wished to be a part of the community.

Over the course of her journey so far, Alexander has had a very pleasant experience at DVHS for multiple reasons, including her students and the staff.

“It’s a tie between the students and the staff because everybody is just so amazing and everybody has been so welcoming. The kids are awesome. I love the students. It’s just been a great experience,” Alexander said.

Overall, she has noticed the major difference between the school spirit at DVHS and Foothill. This factor greatly contributes to her welcoming experience at DVHS. She loves the way the students and staff are connected at DVHS.

“There used to be school spirit because I was there,” Alexander humorously remarks.

Alexander’s hobbies include going to the gym, planning vacations even if she doesn’t take them and going to Disneyland.

When asked about fun facts about her, Alexander replied, “I went to New Zealand and bungee jumped, in the place where they started bungee jumping. I watch a lot of TV and movies.”

In the future, she wishes to improve herself as a teacher so that students can get a better experience in her class.

“Just to grow as teachers so that you can grow as students,” Alexander said.