Advice Column 19-20: Week 4

Hello DV students – thank you for submitting to the Wildcat Tribune’s advice column! We’ve tried our best to answer your questions for this week.

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Q: How many people can I invite to my sweet 16th birthday party? Can I invite acquaintances who I want to become close friends? What about people who I haven’t really hung out with or talked much to in years? Is a birthday party a good place to reconnect with others? I really want to invite as much people as I can, but I don’t want my invitees to think of me as weird or desperate for friends. Please help!

-Sweet 16

A: I think that you can invite anyone you want – as long as you’re having fun and you feel comfortable and happy around the people you ask, it doesn’t matter if you invite a lot of people. Most likely, these people will feel satisfied that you wanted them to be there, and that’ll start the friendships you’re hoping for! To conclude, as long as they’re not strangers who you’ve only talked to 2-3 times, you should be fine inviting whoever you want!

Happy sweet sixteen!

Amrita 🙂


Q: What are some places around here that you would recommend for the holidays? lol you guys forgot to close this


A: Hey, lol!

So it depends on what you are looking for in terms of “holiday.” I don’t travel much, so I love staying local. Along with “basic” festive holiday places where you can find festive drinks such as peets and Starbucks, City Center is opening a skating rink in November! I would also recommend spending time with your family and indulging in homemade food and the holidays, no matter how you celebrate. 🙂


Daniela W.