Girl Scout Cookie Crumble

Girl Scout Cookie Crumble

It’s that time of year again! It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! Here are some delicious details about them!

·       The most popular GSC cookies are: Thin mints (25%), Samoas (19%), Tagalongs (13%), Do-Si-Dos (11%), and lastly, Trefoils (9%)

·       More than 175 million boxes of these cookies are sold each year

Let’s also note some of the discontinued flavors that you may have never seen before, such as:

·       All Abouts: Chocolate dipped shortbread

·       Daisy Go Rounds: Daisy-shaped cinnamon cookies

·       Double Dutch: Chocolate chip chocolate cookie

·       Strawberries & Crème: Similar to a vanilla crème Oreo with strawberry jam

·       Aloha Chips: White chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies

·       Kookaburras: Chocolate-coated caramel wafers

·       Juliettes: Milk chocolate, caramel and pecan cookies

And let’s not forget about the Girl Scouts themselves.

·       2.3 million Girl Scouts

·       880 thousand adult girl scout member volunteers

·       They earn $700 million every year in revenue

·       And if you need to find one, there is a Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to find local girl scouts.