Women’s Water Polo succumbs to Foothill Falcons

Sneha Cheenath, Editor in Chief

DV Women’s Water Polo was soundly defeated 23-2 in a home game against Foothill on Sept. 26. 

The first quarter began with an attempted goal from each side. The goalies blocked both shots, but Foothill scored soon after. Then, the Falcons got four consecutive goals, scoring one by rapidly swimming across the pool and almost nonchalantly placing the ball into the goal. But Dougherty was able to score at the end of the quarter, so it ended with Foothill leading 4-1.

In the first seconds of the second quarter, Foothill was able to score. They attempted another goal, and the DV goalie blocked the ball. But Foothill offense picked up the ball from the block and scored, increasing Foothill’s lead. In the remainder of the quarter, Foothill scored twice, resulting in a 10-point lead in Foothill’s favor. 

Foothill started strong in the first quarter and got two goals. But DV’s Witney Lam soon got the ball, and chucked it across the pool, where it landed into the goal, making the score 14-2. The Wildcats didn’t rally, though, losing 17-2 by the end of the quarter. 

In the fourth quarter, Foothill scored six times in a row, leading the final score at 23-2. 

DV’s next home game will be on Oct. 10 against Amador.