Advice Column 19-20: Week 2

Hello DV students – thank you for submitting to the Wildcat Tribune’s advice column! We’ve tried our best to answer your questions for this week.

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Q: If there’s a girl who trash talks you should you confront her or ignore her?

-Bob Ross


A: Hi Bob Ross!

I think you should ignore her, because she’ll eventually get over it and move onto something new. However, if it starts to interfere with your relationships with the people she trash talks you to, you should confront her and tell her to stop. Good luck!




Q: Any tips on how to get over an ex? My first breakup:(



A: Heyo! 

The only way to get over a break up is to get through it, ya know? Listen to Taylor Swift (or any musician of your choice), and just wallow in it. I think that definitely is going to help rather than just forgetting about it or distracting yourself, because usually that suppresses emotions and when you suppress emotions, they can always resurface. Just feel all your feelings now (cliche, I know) and you’ll get through it eventually! 





Q: Hi Daniela!

How can I learn Calc in 10 weeks?

-Blueberry pancakes


A: Hey Blueberry pancakes! 


So, as someone who has learned geometry in 10 weeks and (sorta) precalc in 10 weeks, it really just takes mental focus and discipline. This is something I’m working on myself, but I would recommend dedicating every day (or night) to one chapter or so, based on how long your class is. Watch review videos and look at some math websites, those help a lot. Use Photomath to CHECK YOUR WORK, not to cheat. Same goes for Mathway. Practice, practice, a lot. Just like learning an instrument. I wish you the best and I believe in you!


~Daniela W.


Q: What are some tips your guys might have for stressing less about school and grades? Or just on how to manage your time better overall?



A: Hi HPtheGreat!

To reduce your stress levels, you could try meditating, listening to relaxing music, coloring (research has shown this can reduce stress levels) or just do something else you enjoy doing. To manage your time better, I suggest keeping a list of things you have to get done in order of when they are due and checking them off as soon as you complete them, setting “false” deadlines that are earlier than the actual deadline so that you force yourself to work earlier than you normally would, or working on homework immediately after coming home so that you don’t get distracted by electronics. For more tips, you can check out last week’s advice column.


Take care!