Women’s water polo conquers SPSV at home


Sheyda Ladjevardi

Junior Witney Lam prepares to throw the ball to her teammate

Mahika Arya and Sneha Cheenath

In an eventful first game of the season, Women’s Water Polo beat St. Patrick-St Vincent High School with a final score of 9-3. 

The first quarter was a resounding success, with the first two points of the game made by DV. By winning the swim-off, they were able to cover the length of half the pool before their first shot. Within two minutes, the first goal had been scored by DV. 

However, the team did have difficulty keeping the ball close to them, which hindered them from swimming quickly. The farther away the ball was from their body, the harder it was to keep it away from the other team, giving the opposition more opportunities to shoot. 

Coach Vicki Bantz said that this can be corrected through “eye contact, being able to talk to one another, keeping their head up and just [making] sure the ball is surrounding them.”

In the second quarter, SPSV attempted two shots, but they both failed due to DV’s resolute defense. 

Coach Bantz explains that for defense, DV’s prime goals are “being open, seeing where the players are and watching where everybody goes.”

A minute into the second quarter, DV gained control over the ball, and Lam prepared to shoot from the other side of the pool. She scored a clean goal over the goalie’s head and increased DV’s lead to 3-0. 

Dougherty attempted another shot, but it went above the goal, forcing them to retreat to defense. Despite excellent defensive plays from the home side, SPSV was able to score with a throw to the upper left corner of the net.

Before halftime, both teams attempted another goal but were blocked by the respective opposite goalies. At the end of the first half, the score was 3-1, with DV in the lead. 

The second half started in calmer waters with DV on defense. SPSV attempted goals twice, but both failed. They stepped up their defense as Dougherty intercepted an incomplete pass. Lam had trouble breaking through their guarding, but was eventually able to score.

Just seconds later, SPSV was able to slam in a point.

Before the quarter’s end, however, Lam was able to seize a point by directing the ball into the net’s corner. 

The third quarter ended as DV rose with a three-point lead. 

Passing was DV’s main issue throughout the game. The overwhelming environment of the game made it difficult to pass quickly, giving SPSV more time to plan their counter-move to take the ball. 

Players are “thinking of who’s open, where the defender is, if there’s a driver and just trying to be able to pass the ball to someone that’s open,” Bantz said.

In essence, the players have to be hyper-alert of where the other players are, which results in a slower pass. 

But this pause was in no way detrimental as Lam and Masse scored two points within a minute of the final quarter. The rest of the quarter yielded many shots, many of which became goals. 

SPSV quickly took another point, and with four minutes on the clock, senior Advika Srinivas shot back with two consecutive goals for DV, raising Dougherty’s lead by six points

At the end of the game, SPSV attempted one final goal, but the goalie caught it, leaving the final score at 9-3, as DV emerged victorious. 

DV’s next home game will be the Homecoming game against Amador Valley on Oct. 10 at 5 p.m.