Trivia Challenge!

Kristi Seto, Staff Writer

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Ever wonder how likely it is to do something? Which do you think is likelier?

1.Winning the Powerball Jackpot or Dying from a Shark Attack?

2.Chainsaw injury or Lawn Mower injury?

3.Be born with extra fingers/toes or Catching a ball at a major league ballgame?

4.Death by lightning or Death by falling out of bed?

Bonus Question: Who makes more money on average? Models, MLB players or our DVHS Principal?



You are more likely to:

1.Win the Powerball Jackpot(175,223,510 to 1) than to die from a shark attack (300,000,000 to 1)

2.Be injured from mowing the lawn(3,623 to 1) than being injured by a chainsaw(4464 to 1).

3.Be born with extra toes or fingers (500 to 1) than catch a ball at a major league ball game(563 to 1).

4.Neither: both are equally likely (2,000,000 to 1).

Bonus: MLB Players ($3.2 Million/yr.), followed by DVHS’ Principal ($113,351), and then models ($27,830)