Hey You!

Hey You!

1) Happy Birthday Priyam! Stay Awesome! -Power Ranger & Silva Reagle

2) Samantha Kan! My best friend and confidante. We’ve been through so much together, and I know you will always be there for me.I can always speak anything on my mind to you.

3) You’re amazing enough to deserve a shout-out! We’ve known each other for a while now, and we’ve stuck together since then. Here’s to six long years of friendship!

4) On Saturday, October 12th, the Culture to Culture Foundation will be holding its Mental Health Awareness ceremony at DVHS in the Commons from 2:00PM-4:00PM. Walk-ins are welcomed, but it is recommended that you RSVP at [email protected]. Hope to see you all there!

5) You were in the Subway line. You ordered ham on white with no banana peppers…I like banana peppers, but that hardly matters. I think we were meant to be. If you felt what I felt, find me at the Trattoria line on Friday. I’ll be there.

6) Anyone want to have a deep philosophical conversation through the newspaper? That way we don’t have to have the pressure of a real friendship. Don’t worry, I can talk Breaking Bad too. Spoiler: [content removed] -John Doe

7) Hey you SS, unblock me on facebook!

8) Fantastic job to the DVHS woman’s golf team! Stay undefeated and keep it up!

9)Shout out to football for beating Dublin

10) Shout at TG keep head high in Bio!

11) Mr. Bellows is cool

12) Ms. Sheppach is the coolest person on the planet

13) Go to Mock Trial


15) TT you are the most beautiful person 2 ever walk the planet

16) Shoutout to Club Choreo and Choreology