Club Spotlight

Project smARTS

President: Meera Menon

Founding Year: 2013

Project SmARTS is a nonprofit organization that was founded by a group of high schoolers from Dougherty to ensure that all students can have access on to arts based classes. Since Summer 2013, Project smARTS has offered free arts classes and reached over sixty different families, partnering with schools such as Dougherty’s sister school, Lockwood elementary. Project smARTS first workshop of the year will be held on Saturday, November 2nd at DVHS.

Surfrider DVHS

Co-Presidents: Bodhi & Juliana Nguyen

Founding Year : 2013

Surfrider DVHS’s main goal and purpose is to help the conservation of our world’s aquatic ecosystems and the beauty of our beaches. Earth’s bodies of water provide not only the beaches you tan on, but also the planet’s largest life-support systems. The DVHS Surfrider Foundation will be doing various activities such as beach cleanings and recycling programs this year.

Red Cross

President: Maria Ji

Founding Year: 2012

DVHS’s Red Cross Club is here to assist the school and the American Red Cross in instituting, encouraging, and executing projects and services in cooperation with the American Red Cross Bay Area chapter. Our mission is to promote unity of action in projects, facilitate the cooperation of its members, discover the needs of our school, community, and nation, and develop better human relations by performing services which benefit the global community.