Bovine Queen Wins Crown

Bovine Queen Wins Crown

Kristi Seto, Staff Writer

Maudine Ormsby was nominated homecoming queen at Ohio State University in 1926. For homecoming weekend, she was THE most popular girl there. However, she was a cow. Literally- a Holstein cow (the world’s highest dairy-producing animal).

Maudine got 13,000 votes. The strange thing was that there were only 9300 students enrolled at the time. The election committee couldn’t do much, so Maudine won.

Afterwards, she rode the float in the homecoming parade, but she couldn’t attend the dance because she was too big.

Fun Fact: The runner-up for homecoming queen, Rosalind Morrison Snapp, joked that Maudine’s grave should’ve read “But for Maudine, here lies a queen.”