Hey You!

Hey You!

1) Thank you Ms.Hutchins ^U^

2) AQ you finally made your facebook!!!

3) Hey you MS I’m not going to unblock you on facebook sorry!

4) RL, haters are going to hate. I love you, and your fashion. Stay beautiful.

5) AC, you owe me cake.

6) I saw you eating honey (a.k.a. bee vomit) at lunch.

7) Hey You, will you be the Kagome to my InuYasha?

8) Mr. Bellows- Thanks for being the only teacher to actually decorate your room for Halloween.

9) Admit it, the Junior Jungle wins.

10) Shoutout to DL: I’m sorry, but you are hot.

11) Keep your head up AP, you deserve better bros.

12) Can we make a general PSA to ban “cat” tutu costumes for Halloween?

13) Miss Banana Peppers: I waited at the trattoria…even bought a God-awful pesto calzone. WHERE WERE YOU?

14) DB we’re still cool right? I know you don’t even read the paper, but I have a guilty conscience.

15) Whoever put that existential conversation request in the previous hey you needs to get of his high horse.