High Heels Fall Flat With Wildcats


Andi Mo, Staff Writer

Sneakers like Converse, Vans, and Keds don the feet of many female Dougherty students. In fact, it is the norm to wear sneakers and flats to school. The minority of students who wear heels to school are often subjected to uncomfortable stares.

Several female students were asked whether they prefer wearing flats or heels to school. The majority of the students interviewed prefer to wear flats on school days and save heels for special occasions.

“I prefer flats over heels to school because they are more comfortable,” says sophomore Ann Warque. “However, outside of school, I prefer to wear heels because they’re really cute!”

Senior Nitisha Baronia, a senior, says, “I wear heels to speech and debate tournaments, so I’m pretty used to them. Nevertheless, I still think that wearing heels to school isn’t a good idea at all, particularly because the school day is so long. Flats are a far better option, because they’re more comfortable.”

“Definitely flats because heels are a pain to walk around in, especially with a backpack on,” says freshman Flola Tam. “But I like heels because they make me feel like a woman.”

Sophomore Seyvonne Ip, a sophomore, says, “I prefer flats because they are much easier to walk in. They are also more casual and school-appropriate in my opinion. I have no sense of balance, so I will trip even more than I already do if I wear heels. However, one good thing about heels is that they make me look taller.”

Senior Chuhan Shen, a senior, says, “Personally I would prefer flats at school because school is supposed to be an academic environment where students can focus on learning, instead of showing off one’s taste in fashion.  Admit it, high heels are difficult to walk in and pretty uncomfortable most of the time.  Of course, if you are happier wearing heels, then by all means, go for them.”

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter what shoe you wear as long as you’re not trying to find the shoe that will ‘fit in.’ Looking fancy for one day of school isn’t really going to impact the way your peers view you, and nor should it. If you feel taller and more confident in heels, wear them. If you think they’re uncomfortable, don’t. The people around you certainly shouldn’t define what you wear,” says Baronia.

The majority of the students interviewed prefer to wear flats on school days and save heels for special occasions. However, heels are perfectly acceptable for students to wear. They are not a violation of the school dress code, and therefore, do not deserve to be frowned upon.

Flats offer comfort and convenience. Heels are stylish and slimming. Some students are willing to sacrifice comfort for style while some aren’t. Neither shoe is better than the other.    DVHS is known for its racial and income diversity. So what’s wrong with diversity in shoes?