Suit Up!

Suit Up!

Mimi Evans and Liya Khan

We love our men.

We love our men in suits.

But most of all, we love our men in suits that fit.

There’s a scene in The Great Gatsby (Redford’s 1974 version, DiCaprio’s 2012 version, and for you traditionalists even the 1925 Fitzgerald book version) where Gatsby throws dress shirt after dress shirt at Daisy and she’s suddenly overwhelmed and begins to sob. Now, the intellectuals out there say that her grief stemmed from her regret that she had not waited for Gatsby, and her conflicted feelings about Gatsby and Tom. We think it was the quality of the dress shirts.

For who could resist marvelling at the downpour of twill and trousers and cashmere? Who wouldn’t start crying with joy when the sky stopped raining Diamond Shirts and socks with sandals, and started raining cotton Oxfords and leather loafers?

It’s time that we learn that a strong, uninhibited command of fashion is no longer reserved for the poignant females in our lives. An expansion of the diversity of men’s style has taken a hold of our world in ways never before anticipated. A small, understated flourish of gold seams on a jet-black blazer, a pop of neon color tucked neatly away into a pocket square, and a are-you-kidding-me-that’s-hot fit on a three-piece suit are enough to take the world of men’s fashion to the next level. And people are finally beginning to notice.

Pop culture is finally on point with men’s fashion. The transition is being made from the sweatpants and baggy pants tragedy to the perks of pocket squares and Windsor knots, and men and women across the country could not be happier. Jay-Z, pop-culture messiah, raps “I don’t pop molly/I rock Tom Ford.” His eloquent stance against drug culture is the fashion outcry of our generation. And he does rock Tom Ford (almost as much as Daniel Craig rocks Tom Ford in Skyfall. Almost). Jay-Z is even known for his classy takes on impeccable suits and casual two-pieces- but the King himself knows the number one rule of men’s fashion: fit is everything.

Is a well-fitted suit all it takes to win your heart? Well, what about inner beauty? Au contraire, you morally superior sweatpant-wearer. There’s nothing wrong with big-hearted fashion disasters. It’s just that an internally handsome man is easier to spot when he’s not swathed in fluorescent camo or shuddering under the weight of a fifty-pound High Sierra backpack.

All we ask is that you wear a tailored suit. Shakespeare wasn’t far off with his expressive, “Ay, there’s the rub.” Get it tailored at the dry cleaners. Get it tailored by your mom.  Avoid the dreaded x-bulge on the front, or the khakis sagging in the derriere region, or most horrendously of all: the Fashion Belt Paradox (when a guy wears a belt yet still manages to have his pants hanging near his knees). Just have a suit that fits in the shoulder, waist, arm, back, leg and stomach region. In the words of Miranda Priestly, “That’s all.”

We’re not asking for the world, are we? We’d even let our suited men cheat- that is, wear clip-on ties or end their sartorial statement with the punctuation of a pair of brown boat shoes. You could even buy it- stay with me here- from a thrift shop and just Macklemore-bravado your way into being on-trend.

Because, honestly, we could care less whether your suit came from Tom Ford, Brooks Brothers or Marshalls as long as it fits you and fits the “idea of you”. It’s what a suit suggests that draws a majority of womankind to the mystical powers of pinstripe jackets and onyx cufflinks. The transition is not from slovenly to conscientious clothing. It is a transition from a sloppy to a more refined mindset. It’s about a guy knowing who he is, and flaunting it. A good suit- and even further, a sharp sense of men’s style- accentuates everything we love about our men: gentlemanly confidence, ability to complement our own impeccable fashion, and most importantly, individuality.

You rock Tom Ford, you’ve got a certain vibe- rocker, mogul, sports star, or the highly coveted rocker-mogul-sports star. Brooks Brothers- the crisp shirt, the business executive, the broker, the slightly sleazy real-estate agent. Oh yeah, we saw you pick it off the Neiman Marcus Rack. And the Marshalls man? The thrift shop desperado? What can I say- we’re attracted to good deals, debatably even more than we’re attracted to lamb-ribbon logos or Jay-Z references. Give us a coupon, a 5% cashback and a one-day special, and We. Are. There.

The magic of a well-put-together outfit- and particularly, a suit- is that it indicates the endless possibilities in a man. It’s his past, present, and future all compressed into an incredibly fitted jacket or a three-piece suit. It’s how you know right away that he made a conscious decision to be his own person. A decision to take his personality out, dust it off, and put it on for a walk around the block.