Hey You!

Hey You!

1) IC, xoxo! <3

2) Jiun, your so pretty! we should talk!

3) To all them freshies out there: you’re cool.

4) To all them sophs out there: stuck ups.

5) To all them juniors out there: work hard you’re almost there!

6) To all them seniors out there: stop bullying the lowerclassmen.

7) I love you VL!

8) Hareton, You’re my best friend in AP Lit and Math. Keep staying cool!

9) Hey Veronica you are very beautiful!

10) hey you,

you smell nice


11) heeeeeeeeyy miley

12) Hey you! I <3 You.

13) PK for being supportive all the time and making everybody smile 🙂

14) Person that I owe cake,

could you say something to clarify which AC, and a hint to who you are? I owe a lot of people cake.

15) KC you are sweet, pretty, and amazingly dedicated to the community! He is very lucky 😉 Stay amazing!

16) hey you, “Speak now”, take a chance or you’ll forever regret it -anonymous

17) It was your Birthday on November 8…Happy Birthday KitKat!

18) Waiting for the bus. Where is the bus? The bus is late. Waiting for the bus in the rain.

19) MS, I <3 my high waist strip of denim shorts and PINK sweats and I’m still going to wear them and YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!

20) SB, most girls don’t look good in over sized shirts so they tie a rubber band at the bottom to make it shorter.

21) AY the sophomore you’re kidna cute 🙂

22) Hey SS! Happy birthday foo! You’re such a fantabulous person, and I wish you all the best for many birthdays to come <3

23) HEY YOU, Eva! You’re a fabulously wonderful friend and I hope you have an amazing, awesome birthday! ILY <3

24) Oh no desu! Mikasa senpai didn’t notice me! I was talking about you, Buchou! Itai… My poor kokoro. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

25) MS, I like your haircut. Hi Irene.

26) TN, you got really attractive this summer 😉

27) schnelly belly is the best chem teacher ever!~not regretting ap chem

28) Does anybody else think DECA is like a cult?

29) LF — Great minds think alike…

30) Girl-that-has-a-last-name-that-no-one-say-except-for-me: Bodyguard! Thanks to your aegis everything is okay in the world! High-five for vocab word! We’re crazy….

31) Alyssa and Kaylee! Congrats on making varsity basketball as freshmen! Love you guys and good luck!

32) I looked in my pink pencil pouch for a pencil yesterday, but then I remembered that you STOLE EVERYTHING OUT OF IT!!

33) Austin and Gabe; way to go making varsity!

34) VL, Peter Pan and Wendy turn out fineee