New Video Game Plots Confuse Gamers


Paul Shin, Staff Writer

Many of us like to kick back after a long week and turn on our Xbox, PS3, 3DS, or computer and tap away at video games. However, 2013 was definitely fertile with new game titles and various greatly anticipated games. Make some room on your Christmas wish list, because here are some recent and appealing game titles that will be released before the holidays. Release dates limited to September 1 through November 31.

GTA V (Sep 15, PS3/Xbox 360): Definitely the most awaited game of this year. Franklin, Trevor, and Michael get together; the player can choose from the three to follow and play missions. Franklin is a young petty criminal who is trying to make a name for himself, while Michael is an ex-robber that retired after a heist, but is now forced back to crime. Trevor… is just crazy. Single-player free roam is great and all, but the online gameplay allows you to play with other idio- I mean, players- in the world of GTA.

Pokemon X and Y (Oct 12, 3DS): The newest game in the Pokémon franchise has many new features. Developers added a new evolution type for certain Pokémon (Mega Evolution), hoard battles, 3D graphics, new Pokémon, and the ability to increase your Pokémon’s flexibility in battle by playing minigames with them. Because who wouldn’t want to pet the Lord of Death Yveltal?

Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox One/PC/Xbox 360/PS3): The mighty COD is back again, this time with dogs and a new game, Extinction. The new game mode, although very unique, cannot stand its ground against other game modes, especially the zombies game mode. The multiplayer is fantastic (as always), but the campaign needed a little refinement. The story doesn’t make much sense… Oh Jeez, who put the giant secret American military space laser right over America?! Genius.

Diablo III (Sep 3, PC/Xbox 360/PS3): 20 years after the events of Diablo II, Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal are defeated. However, the Worldstone, which protects Sanctuary from High Heaven and Burning Hells, is destroyed. Choose from five distinct characters and go fight demons. Has four-player local gameplay abilities, so it is a great game to hang out with your friends without ever going online.

Fifa 14 (Sep 24, Xbox 360/PS3/PC): Who can forget the almighty Fifa? Since I have never played this game, all I can say is that it will be exactly the same except they tightened some of the physics from Fifa 13.

And now, the CONSOLES!

The long awaited arrivals of the Xbox One and the PS4 are unveiled with much fanfare (and failures).

Xbox One ($499): More than one million units sold since its Friday launch, the Xbox One is well contested against PS4 sales. The new design has a lot of improvements and has Blu-ray capabilities. The voice recognition is still a little off. Kinect is now better than before with better face recognition and voice recognition. The new system allows you to move your profile from console to console, allowing you to go to your friend’s house and earn achievements under your own profile, then go back home and retain all that information. Microsoft had to replace some of them due to defective disc drives, as the console was unable to recognize game discs.

PS4 ($399): More memory and faster processors than the PS3. The console itself is slimmer and the controller is the most comfortable that has been seen so far. However, the PS4 is somewhat lacking in media capabilities because Sony was more focused on making it a game console instead of an entertainment system. That means the Amazon, Netflix, and other such apps are tucked away in more obscure places. Moreover, the interface is a little too old-fashioned. Unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 will not include the camera and it can be purchased separately.

Despite the recommendations that anyone can give you, you yourself can judge any game. It doesn’t matter if someone else dislikes it. If you like it, play it.