Hey You!

Hey You!

1) Ann, I’m sorry I just stood there and watched.

2) Ann, I’m proud of you.

3) RY, I can’t believe I wasted THREE YEARS on you! So over you now!

4) Hey you, KK! You are a very gorgeous and compassionate person! I’ve never met somebody like you, truly one of a kind! We should go and meet up sometime ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5) to whoever stole my black and green razor X games scooter…. i just want to cry in your face right now. that thing cost like 50 bucks and i only had it for a month. it was a baby! i loved it! how could you take it away from me! you know who you are and you know who i am. i may never find you… but at least you got the message…. *sob* :'(

6) dontello IS the hottest turtle!! -HP

7) Shaurya Dubey, stop being so oblivious to me. T_T

8) Hey You! Mrs. Cincotta, What do you call a man at the beach? A tan gent! – That one talkative student in 5th period

9) 1.1.2014 #r3spects, am I right?

10) A L L H A I L T H E G L O W C L O U D

11) Gomenasai! I didn’t know that I was supposed to reply to my Kouhai who won’t reveal thyself. But do not fear for your Buchou is always vigilant! And yes THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! ~Buchou <3 xP

12) Pre-Calc is still the bane of my existence

13) DL-1

14) Good luck on the Winter Dance Show!

15) Good luck to all the Girls that are still wearing shorts.

16) Only 11 days til the Big Break TURN UP

17) Ms. Decker is awesome

18) Ms. McCombs is fantabulous

19) Anyone watching the walking dead?

20) Happy Birthday Andicat! (=^.^=)

21) Happy 16th Birthday to Anita!!!!!

22) Freshmen, can you survive 2 more weeks of dance?

23) KR, i cri everytiem :’(

24) M-shizzle>PrimeCa$h

25) Darling Pan, is not okay! IT’S NOT!

26) MS, nice haircut 100!

27) Happy Bithday shark’s fan

28) Someone play minecraft with me -VL

29) SB, make V happen.

30) BS, will you go to winter formal with me <4?

31) KL, I love you.